About Me

Hello friends and thank you for visiting 'Joy in the Journey'. It will always be a work in progress, allowing me to jot down ideas about life and the joys I find in my journey.

I currently live in Katy, TX with my wonderful hubby, Roy. We are both teachers in the Katy area and enjoy sharing the same passions. We met in Fraser, CO where we worked at Crooked Creek Ranch, a Young Life camp.

Here are a few short things you might enjoy knowing about me...
I have a beautifully crazy family that I am beyond thankful for. 
I am married to the funniest, gracious man who I like to call hubby. 
I believe one of the greatest joys is real conversation. Being vulnerable isn't easy, but it's where we find strength.
I have a passion for the ministry of Young Life and the ways it touches the lives of kids.
I am surrounded by a handful of best friends that continually challenge and encourage me in all ways of life. 
I delight in discovering new coffee shops, especially in quaint small towns. 
I am captivated by the love and beauty of God in my life and desire to glorify Him in all that I do. 

Again, thanks for stopping by. It's a pleasure to share life with you.


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