Saturday, May 7, 2016

thank you momma.

Dear momma,

It's in the still, quiet moments that the memories flood back in, like a well-known movie replaying in my head. I can see that tiny house we called home and smell the fresh cut grass as I played under the big pine tree. The memories that were made in our fast-forward world replay in slow motion and all I can utter to say is thank you.

Thank you for sharing your love for the outdoors. Thank you for showing me that under that big pine tree is a great place for a fort, and teaching me how to keep a garden. I didn't know it at the time but those afternoons picking weeds taught me that some things in life need to go if we want to have fruit. Thank you for teaching me that raking pine needles is exhausting and exhilarating. Thank you for sharing your love of flowers and nurturing something beautiful.

Thank you momma for teaching me how to make a house a home. Thank you for making me clean my bedroom all those times I stomped my feet. Thank you for making doing the dishes a family affair and telling me to sweep the floor. Thank you for teaching me how to keep a house clean, but most importantly that in order for a house to be a home, you need a lot of love and grace. You need a kitchen table that can get messy and a comfy place to relax. You need laughter and joy. You need family.

Thank you for being my role model and teaching me about kindness and compassion. Thank you for teaching me how to talk to adults with respect and honor. Thank you for teaching me how to share my toys and eventually my time, passions and love for people. Thank you for reminding me that life isn't just about me, especially when I didn't get what I wanted.

Thank you for cuddle time and reading to us every night before bed. It felt like everything was right in the world when I was tucked under your arm.  Thank you for introducing me to a love of reading. Thank you for the Bernstein Bears and Little Critters who seemed to become a second family to us.

Thank you for putting aside your hopes and dreams for us. Thank you for spending evenings doing homework and watching soccer practice. Thank you for giving up your Friday nights for sleepovers and family movie nights. Thank you for saying no to so many things in order to say yes to us. Thank you for sacrificing your time to make every minute with us count.

Thank you for your constant encouragement in every endeavor I decide to take, even when it takes me a little bit further from you. Thank you for pushing me towards my college goals and cheering me along the way. Thank you for driving me half-way across the country and leaving me there so that I can pursue something I've always dreamed of. Thank you for saying yes when my sweet boy asked if he could marry me and move me to Texas. Thank you that you never stop saying "go get 'em" and "run after your dreams".

Thank you, momma. I don't know what this world would be without you and I pray it's not just Mother's Day that you know I am thankful for you. It is each and every day. In the good times and bad, I am who I am because of you and I am so grateful for that.

I love you momma. Thank you.