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I know it sounds kind of strange in today's world, but I've never really been a big fan of creating albums of pictures on Facebook. For one, my pictures download different than every other person. Seriously, every time I try to upload pictures, my screen tweaks out and jumps back and forth between the upload screen and the Facebook homepage. I don't know why, but it does. Secondly, it seems sort of silly to put all those pictures up without a lot of commentary. Have you ever seen a picture on Facebook and thought, "please tell me there's a story behind this photo" or "what is this?" because the picture didn't speak for itself? You know the pictures I'm talking about. The ones nobody ever "likes". And speaking of "like", I also think pictures can be a competition on Facebook. How many likes can it get? How many people approve of me? How many people think I'm pretty enough to click that thumb's up? How many people think my life is adventurous enough? That's what we're really looking for, right?

Now I've got you asking, why is she going on forever about Facebook pictures in a post titled 'Honeymoon'. Well because I didn't want to post honeymoon pictures on Facebook and slip into the competition. I'd rather you hear a little story about the pictures, like how I would tell you if I were showing you in person at a little coffee shop over a latte. I want you to know that these aren't just photos I want you to "like" to make me feel good. Rather, it's my desire to let you in a little bit... to tell you about the honeymoon, not just show you in a quick scroll of pictures. So, please, grab that latte or tea or whatever makes your heart sing and let me tell you about our honeymoon. It is my joy.

The hubby and I stayed in Bar Harbor, Maine for our honeymoon. So many people asked why Maine, and I said because it's the furthest we could get away from the Texas heat. Not really, but kinda. I told Roy that my one request for the honeymoon was that it wasn't as hot as home. Plus Maine has always been a state we've wanted to go to. So Maine it was. 
We stayed in the cutest bed & breakfast in downtown Bar Harbor. Our room was on the far right of this picture, with french doors out to our private porch. I could seriously go on forever about how amazing the Primrose Inn was but I don't want your coffee to get cold before you're done reading this post, so to shorten it up let me just say this... TWO fresh-baked desserts and tea every day from 4-6pm (that means dessert before dinner every day). We loved it and cannot wait to go back! 
Again, I could seriously go on for hours about every little detail that we loved about our honeymoon, but I'm going to try and keep it to a few highlights. One highlight was definitely the lobster, as you can sure imagine. You can pretty much get lobster in any fashion in Maine (yes, even lobster ice cream), but the best is obviously the untouched, pull it apart yourself, fresh lobster. For our first dinner in Maine, we went all out and got the whole darn lobster caught earlier that day. 

Words just won't do justice here. You must try fresh Maine lobster. Put it on your bucket list because it doesn't get much better than this. In the course of our stay we ate lobster rolls, lobster mac&cheese, seafood chowder (with lobster, of course), steak and lobster, and just plain lobster. 

Another highlight of the trip was our whale watching tour. The boat ride out was about 50 degrees and incredibly windy. We drove for quite a ways in choppy waters before the boat finally slowed down to get a closer look at a couple of whale spouts off in the distance. I have to be honest, at first I was a little skeptical and kind of disappointed. I wanted to see a whale. You know, the giant animal that almost seems imaginary because it's so amazing. Whale spouts were not enough bang for the shivering cold temperatures and wind-blown hair. But slowly, with a lot of patience and an expert captain this... 

turned in to this... 

30 feet from the boat. No zoom necessary. In fact, you might want to back up a bit because that whale could splash us. It was unlike anything we have ever experienced. I was in awe of God's creation and that we were witnessing His creation exactly where it belonged. I'm not a zoo or Sea World hater, but there was something magical, something moving about seeing such an incredible animal in it's natural habitat doing what it was born to do. Again, I strongly suggest this to be your next bucket list item. 

Highlight number three... Acadia National Park. This probably isn't very fair to lump the entire park into one highlight because there were so many unbelievable sights within the park, but I'm going to do it anyways. 

Cadillac Mountain. 1,532 feet. The tallest point along the Atlantic coast. To once-dwellers of Colorado, the height seems almost laughable, but the views were anything from that. 

Leaves you speechless. 

Acadia National Park offered inexplainable nature like the thunder hole that rolls like thunder when the waves crash against it, and untouched granite that sparkles in the sunlight. Ponds reflect not only the sun, but also God's matchless beauty. 

Our favorite spot within the national park was Jordan Pond House. Built originally in the 1890's, it is the only restaurant in a national park. Jordan Pond House is famous for it's popovers (similar to an airy croissant in the shape of a muffin), but we enjoyed the views the most. 

After five days in the quaint Bar Harbor, we drove to the big city of Boston. It was the first time the hubby and I had ever been and we were most excited about the taking in all the history. We quickly picked up a self-guided walking tour book of the "Freedom Trail" and made a plan to tackle it all. The Freedom Trail is a path throughout the city of Boston marked by red brick that leads to the majority of the great historical sights. We had the privilege of seeing the birthplace of Benjamin Franklin, the site of the Boston Massacre, Faneuil Hall (where the first talk of independence took place), the home of Paul Revere and so much more.  We only spent two days in Boston and it was definitely not enough. We still have a list of places we want to see on our next trip. 

Thank you for letting me take you along to reminisce for a moment. The hubby and I are beyond thankful for the time we got to spend together, the moments we got to laugh together, pray together and experience new things together. We have made so many new memories and for that we are forever grateful. 

Ps... I should also tell you that I don't totally despise Facebook photos. I like to see what others are doing and where life is taking them, so please, keep posting them and I will keep "liking" them. Promise. 

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