Thursday, January 1, 2015

meet the fiancé and 2015.

The thing about life is that it will lead you down roads you never thought you'd wander towards. That's why I started this blog. The journey already brought me to Pure Michigan with it's sunshiny summer days. The journey brought me to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with short winter days and long, soft snowfalls. The journey brought me back to good ol' Wisconsin to live in country, close to the ones I love.

The journey has brought me to people. People like you who have inspired me to write and keep writing. People who have loved beyond capacity. People who have given me unforeseen grace, and people who bring light to the cloudy days.

And now the journey has led me to wear the state of Texas around my neck and the most beautiful diamond on my ring finger. I want you to meet my fiancé.

Long story short, Roy was a Year-Long intern with me at Crooked Creek Ranch. Long about January Roy couldn't hold it in any longer and made it quite obvious how he felt about me. I called him out on it and told him I couldn't say I felt the same way at the time. I prayed. I prayed short, 'God will you lead me' prayers. I prayed 'God will you teach me' prayers. I prayed I would stay on the journey He already had written for us. And in May, I could say to Roy with confidence that I didn't love him because of the way he treated me or the words he said, but because of the work the Lord is doing in him.

We agreed to not pursue a relationship until we left our internship, but I have to admit those days were the hardest. We needed grace and patience like never before. But in the blink of an eye, it was August 16th and we went on our first date. We drove to Wisconsin together, traveled the state and on August 26th, Roy flew back to Texas. Long distance. It is hard and it is good. It is a lot of traveling and it is adventurous. It is full of surprises and full of lessons. (Another blog post to come about long-distance.)

But now, I can joyfully say that in three short weeks, the journey will meet me in Katy, Texas. My new home. With the man I love so dearly.

Here's to 2015. The year we get married. The year we find a new home. The year we make new friends and the year the journey will lead us to places we never thought we'd wander. I pray the same for your journey this year and that you may find the simple joys along the way.

Huge thank you goes out to my dear friend Kristen for taking all of our engagement photos. It is an absolute joy to share these adventures with the ones we love. 

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