Friday, August 8, 2014

Come and Gone.

The days have come and they have gone. They have brought sunshine and they have brought rain. They have brought square dances and they have brought pool parties. They have brought birthdays and they have brought quiet times with a cup of coffee and my journal. These days we call summer.

Summer is a busy time, especially when you live on a Young Life camp. May brought us 15 new friends that have become family. June brought us 400+ campers per week to hear of the greatest story ever told. July brought us birthdays and summer celebrations. And here we have August.

family of interns.

Seeing as I've been away from the blog for a while, you're probably wondering where the journey has taken me. Not far, physically speaking. I've been nestled behind the little corner windows we like to call the summer office. I've been the voice behind the phone you may have called. And I've been the one typing all those e-mails. I've been right here.

But just because my spaces are small, that doesn't mean God's work is small. In fact, he's been doing tremendous things in this tiny office. In the days we call summer he's taught me a few things I'd like to share with you.

1: Look around. It's easy to be so focused on the work to be done and forget to take my eyes off the computer screen for a minute. I have one of the most beautiful views from this office. Not only because the mountains roll across the sky so perfectly, but because I can see the pool where kids splash in the water like never before... because I can see the ropes course where kids conquer their biggest fears... because I can see kids playing checkers and having a conversation with their leader... because I can see the power of Christ right in front of me. Look up! He is always right there working.

2:  I need these people. Life is never meant to be done alone. Our work is never meant to be done alone. The Lord has blessed me with an amazing admin team and wonderful summer staff. He's taught me that I need them every day. I need them to tell me I'm not crazy when I want to scream at the computer. I need them to teach me new things about my job. I need them to help me remember that the kitchen needs 50 gallons of milk today. I need them to remember it's not all about the work. I need them to open my eyes to new qualities of Jesus.

3: Invest. Summer is short. Some kids I see for only 7 days and some I have the privilege to spend a month with. Some people are here for the summer and some I've shared the year with. Whatever the case is, I have one of the greatest opportunities at my finger tips, and that is to invest in these people. I love the quiet mornings where I can sit on the floor with a cup of coffee and my summer staff and talk about Jesus. I love the crazy moments when it feels like every camper is looking for their water bottle before the hike and I can ask them how their week is going. And I love the moments in between when conversations just seem to flow. We all have something to give and I'm learning to lean into that this summer.

4: My time with the Lord cannot be replaced. As days grow longer and my eyes are more tired, I crave peaceful time with the Lord. I crave prayer and dwelling in his word. But in that, I'm also learning that I shouldn't wait until I'm tired to crave this. I want to be a person that wakes up every day looking forward to the time I get to spend with the Lord. I want to dwell in his word and rest in his peace all of my days.

So there we have it. Summer has come and summer has gone. I've said my goodbyes to the friends that stayed for just a month, and the ones I've conquered summer with. I've packed almost all my belongings yet again with eager anticipation of where the journey leads me next. I'll spend one final week in the colorful state of Colorado celebrating all that the Lord has done here and then the new chapter will begin.

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