Tuesday, March 4, 2014

these days.

These days I've been a little absent from the blog for a few different reasons, mostly because life has been busy. Very busy. But today I'd love to let you in on where I've been and what I'm learning through these crazy days... 

These days I've been playing mom. Jordan and I had the privilege to spend a weekend with the four delightful Archembault children in Colorado Springs. We played games, walked to the park, made homemade brownies, and even drove around in the minivan. 

In these days I learned that being a mom is hard work. It takes a lot of patience and an extreme ability to multi-task. Thank goodness I've got some time to work on that. 

I learned that quiet time alone is only possible if you wake up two hours before the kids do. It's quite possible that's 4am, but it's necessary for drinking coffee slowly and time with Jesus. 

I learned that it's okay to laugh at your kids. When they accidentally blow the cocoa powder all over their face, they won't like it. In fact, they will storm off yelling, "It's not funny!" But it is. It's worth a good laugh before pulling yourself together to comfort them. 

These days I've been drinking a lot of coffee. At least twice a day. When sleep is rare and the thoughts are never-ending, a little coffee (and sometimes a cookie) can do wonders. 

These days I've been adventuring to Texas for approximately 38 hours. When you find a round-trip flight to somewhere you've never been for only $100, you must book it. It's on the list of goals for the year. So we did. We pulled on the cowboy boots, packed one bag for four people and jumped on that plane. 

In my 38 hours of Texas living I learned that not everything is bigger in Texas. It's common to find a ginormous Texas flag to represent the amount of pride in the state, but other than that, not much else is bigger. Don't be fooled. 

I learned that sunshine and 70's does a lot for the soul. Walking outside and breathing in the warm, fresh air is exactly what you need after five months of winter. It's good to pull out the shorts and maxi dress, to soak in the sunshine and take a long walk at 10pm just because you can. 

And although I'm slightly embarrassed to say, I learned that it's easier and safer to raise your arm when riding a mechanical bull. The man in the booth controlling the bull says so. It won't prevent you from falling off, but it will delay the process. 

These days we've been eating a lot of mac-and-cheese. It's far from my dinner of choice, but these days aren't providing time or energy for fancy meals. Paper plates and all, it's in the child-like dinners that we have opportunity to put apple slices in our mouths just like we did 20 years ago and create an outlet of laughter. This too is good for the soul. 

These days I've been saying good-bye to housekeeping and hello to the kitchen (aka... da kitch). It's a refreshing change-up with new responsibilities, new people, and a new schedule. Thanks to dad, I have a great passion for cooking and making new things so the kitchen is a good place for me. 

These days I've been blessed with some of my favorite people visiting Colorful Colorado. We reminisced over college days while eating at a fancy restaurant and then going to McDonald's after because 3 meatballs does not fill up anyone's stomach. We visited the ghost town of Grand Lake to see God's beautiful creation of the lake and the mountains. 

In these days I learned that it is such a gift to have loved ones visit your new home and meet your new family. There is truly nothing sweeter than gathering around a table with a blend of old and new friends, laughing until we cry together. I believe it's a tiny glimpse of what heaven will be like one day. 

I hope that these days have been good for you too. Not in the "everything is just right in life" good, but the good that encourages you to look beyond the matter of fact. The good that forces you to dig deeper in an effort to discover it. May you see the beauty in needing far too much coffee and making mac-and-cheese for dinner again. May you revisit that list of goals and pursue one with all you have. May you find a glimpse of heaven in your every day and look forward to the one when the glimpses become reality. 

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