Saturday, November 16, 2013

in the midst of the madness.

It's been a while. November came. And now on it's way out again. Life got busy. But it has been oh so good. 

My favorite times in the past few weeks have taken place when there's a million things to do, but I put them aside for something even greater. 

Monday was Veteran's Day which meant a vacation day for camp staff. I had a lengthy list of things that I wanted to use this extra day off for, but I put that aside. Instead, I hopped in the minivan with the other interns and headed to Colorado Springs. Trevor's family lives there and we went to spend less than 24 hours soaking in the perks of being in a home. We ate dinner at a beautifully set table, with parents, grandparents and siblings. The table was loud. There was a lot of passing of dishes. But it was oh so good. The next morning we made two pots of coffee, because well, that's necessary with all of us. We gathered around the table again for breakfast, and then quickly took a picture to remember these moments before heading out the door. 

All in the cars again, we ventured to the Garden of the Gods. The Lord's creation took my breath away. The entire area was filled with huge rock formation coming straight up out of nowhere. 

And then we stopped for coffee at a cute, downtown coffee shop. We sat outside in the warm sun of Colorado and talked. Although we all live together, it's rare we sit shoulder to shoulder at a round table and have a conversation. I can't recall much of what we talked about but I know it was good. I know it was a moment to breathe, take in the fresh air, and just be. 

Wednesday one of my favorite people from Michigan, Kelly, came to Colorado. She was 2 and a half hours away and this week ideally wasn't the one to spare 7 hours for driving and dinner, but we did it and it was oh so good. Jordan, Sushi and I drove back to Colorado Springs after work and talked the whole way down. We talked about family, intern life and our jobs. We talked about things that have been really good and things that have been really hard. When we finally got to Kelly, we embraced, and jumped back in the car headed for the lights (aka... a place to eat dinner). We landed at a fantastic brewery with "the best burgers in Colorado Springs". But it wasn't that place or it's food that made the night so great. It was the friends that gathered around the table. The four of us haven't been together since our summer 2011 at TWL but none of us could tell. After all sharing what we learned about the Lord this year, our waitress kindly dimmed the lights and told us we had to go, the restaurant was closing. The drive back was a little rough, we were all tired, but I wouldn't have changed the night for anything. Dinner was beautiful and exactly what I needed in the midst of busy times. 

This week we also had some guest services folks from all of the Young Life camps at CCR. Having some of my TWL fam here called for taking an hour lunch and going to bed a few hours later to catch up. It was a truly a gift.

And then last night, I got out of bed twice just to stand outside under the beautifully falling snow with friends I hold so dear to my heart. I had other things to do (mainly sleep), but I put that aside to make a memory. To embrace the moment. And it was oh so good. 

I've been reminded recently that our lives can get so busy we forget what we're truly made for. We're made to sit around the table as a family and be loud together. We're made to enjoy God's beauty. We're made to drive 4 hours just to get dinner with an old friend. We're made to get out of bed and stand under the beautifully falling snow. 
So I encourage you to put aside the agenda of what needs to get done this week. Embrace the very moment God has given us in the midst of the madness. And take some pictures too... they remind us of how good those moments are. 


  1. I love reading your blog posts Karlie. Thanks for these reminders :)

  2. Thanks Kristen! I am thankful for your support and encouragement along this journey.