Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I've been finding a lot of joy in the little things these days. Life is good that way. When we stop for a second and take in the small gifts we've been given. Its in those moments that I believe I can do this... that even though life gets tough, the Lord provides and protects.

Climbing to the top of the mountain is exhausting but so worth it. The view is incredible. There's a freedom at the top of the mountain... something that says you can accomplish all things. There's a vast unknown... something that reminds you there is still so much to be discovered. And there's a refreshing stillness... something that invites heartfelt conversation. All these things bring joy.

Worship is a beautiful thing. Proclaiming what the Lord has done in our lives and praising Him for it brings joy in itself. But that joy increases exponentially when your friends are the ones leading worship.

Sunday morning we awoke to mr. bull moose and his family roaming by the creek in front of our house. Naturally we jumped in the car and drove to see him up close... or at least as close as you want to get to a bull moose. Sierra squealed with giddiness. Mark yelled at him and he looked at us. We laughed. We live with moose. What a joy!

I love the Packers. I am not afraid to hide it. In fact, I'm very proud of it. I love my team and I love watching them. Thanks to The Library in Winter Park, a few friends and I were able to watch the game on the big screen. I can't even describe to you the joy this brought me (maybe you can see it in my face).

Yesterday was September 23rd and we woke up to snow on the mountains. Now under normal circumstances I would throw a small fit about the premature winter weather, but instead I simply sat in front of the window taking in God's beautiful creation. There was joy to be found in September's snow.

Basketball is definitely not my sport. Really, any sport is not my sport. But tonight the family played basketball. And it was loud and crazy and so much fun.

There's also joy to be found in...

...pumpkin scones and a cup of coffee on a cool morning. This is fall, folks.

...listening to a mix cd made by an old friend with new friends. There's something about worlds colliding... something about sharing with new friends just how your old ones have shaped you... and that brings joy.

...laughing so hard it hurts and tears are pouring down your face. Dinner time with family.

...seeing a herd of buffalo on the side of the road and a friend yelling "I've never seen buffalo!" Priceless.

...full moon rising over the mountain tops.

...hearing from the ones you love back home. Hearing their voices, hearing their laughter, knowing the Lord provides joy for them too.

There is joy to be found wherever you are. Joy isn't only in the large moments of life, but the ones that could easily slip by if our eyes aren't open to them. Stop for a moment and find joy in the little things this week. You were made for it. You were made to rejoice.

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice.          {philippians 4:4}


  1. I just love you, Kar. And to be frank, basketball is not my sport either.

  2. Thanks for sharing you little joys Karlie. You are a joy! :) Love the pictures, the mountains, God's creation, you and your heart. Excited to keep sharing in your joys through your posts! Love you girl. <3