Tuesday, September 3, 2013

7 things I've learned thus far.

I've been at Crooked Creek for a week now, and it has been absolutely wonderful. I live with 9 genuine, funny, joyful, loving people in a beautiful 3 story house in the mountains. It all still seems like a dream, until I wake up again and remind myself this is true life.

meet my new family.

Moving to a completely new place also means learning a lot of new things. Here are just 7 things I've learned thus far...

 1:  always, always bring a rain jacket.  At any moment, but most likely in the afternoon, a rumble of thunder will sound in a clear blue sky. Chances are a storm is about to hit and you will most definitely need your rain jacket.

2:   it is impossible to number the stars. Every night when I look up at the sky I am reminded of just how big our universe is. Psalm 147:4 says God determined the number of the stars and calls them each by name. God numbered the stars and He knows them. The impossible is possible with God.

3:  when in doubt, go in the hot tub.  Yes, it will be cold getting there. Yes, it will be cold getting out. But you will see Mars! That doesn't happen every day.

4:  my body will never be fully accustomed to the elevation.  While living in the mountains is wonderful in so many ways, the elevation will get ya. I am short of breath after walking up a flight of stairs, and I'm told that won't go away soon. Your body is 90% adjusted after 10 days of being in high elevation, and it could take 10 years to be 100% adjusted. Shoot.

5:  living in a ski town is a really big deal.  People spend their whole lives dreaming of living in the mountains. And I'm doing that. All the while doing ministry. I count that as an undeserved gift every day.

6:  the Lord is patient.  The weeks and days leading to my arrival at Crooked Creek, I became more and more hesitant. I doubted the Lord's calling and ability to use me. I cried on the drive into Fraser, CO and told God I didn't think this was a good idea. I'm not what he needs at Crooked Creek. I'm not fit to live in the mountains. But the Lord is patient. He wipes away our tears, picks us up and sets us on our feet again. The Lord is patient when we turn a cheek on his outstretched arm.

7:  the snow could fly any day now.  It might not stick, but flakes could fall from the sky. Long about mid-October, it'll decide to stay around and we'll have ourselves a good ol' fashion mountain winter. Here's to being stuck in Fraser, CO!

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  1. Karlie, we are so overjoyed to hear of your adventure in Colorado. Keep those mountain pics coming because its gorgeous! How can we be lifting you, the other interns, and the camp in prayer? Love you!
    - Cara & Andy